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A college application essay is an essay aimed at convincing the admission panel that the candidate is the best of all other applicants. Writing a college application essay is a requirement for those who wish to gain admission in a college. It serves as a basis for choosing those who will gain admission at the college. A coherently written college application essay guarantees one admission and vice versa.

Contents of a Good College Application Essay

In a college application essay, one explains the reasons why he/she believes should be admitted at a certain college. A college application essay gives valuable insights to the admission panel on some of the best candidates that they may choose for purposes of admission at the college depending on how they express themselves in their college application essay. A college essay allows one to express themselves to the admission panel. Moreover, one reveals aspects of their personality that could not be revealed through other academic qualifications such as certificates.

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When writing a college admission essay, the student must begin with the organization of thoughts in a coherent manner. Once one settles for an ideal topic, they may choose what to write about with a purpose of convincing the panel to admit him/her. A college admission essay does not have to contain very complex vocabularies. Instead, it should contain simple but concise statements about the applicants who wish to gain admission to a certain college.

In the essay, one may include their experiences and achievements that make the applicant different from other applicants seeking admission at the college. Exaggerated statements about one do not make the admission essay better. Instead, it confuses the admission panel and gives them a flawed image of the student. It is important for one to ensure that the essay is free of ambiguity and grammatical errors.

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