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Are you in the final year and almost writing a dissertation? Are you worried about the format of a premium dissertation that will give a good grade? Have you heard of the phrase “all but dissertation” and worried that you may not graduate due to failure to complete your dissertation successfully? Well, worry no more; here are some tips on how to write a top-notch premium dissertation that will please your supervisor.

Tips on how to Write a Successful Premium Dissertation

A dissertation is a final project for a student in a higher education institution. It is a requirement for all students in higher levels. A dissertation tests the student’s ability to conduct valid research. It is unfortunate that not many students know how to write a premium dissertation. The following tips will guide them on how to write a successful premium dissertation: Generally, a dissertation should have five chapters.

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Five Chapters of a Premium Dissertation

i. The first is the introductory chapter (INTRODUCTION) where the student introduces and justifies the study. The student identifies the research objectives, questions and the rationale. They also identify some of the challenges they expect while conducting the study. Lastly, they define the key terms

ii. The second chapter is the literature review (LITERATURE REVIEW). Here the student samples out bits of related literature. It is mainly an analysis of pieces of scholarly information from other researchers and scholars who had previously conducted a research on a related topic. Scholarly sources of information are preferred for the literature review chapter. The researcher may develop a theoretical framework against which the study was conducted. A conceptual framework may or may not be developed in this chapter.

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iii. Chapter three constitutes of the research methodology (RESEARCH METHODOLOGY). The student should identify a research methodology that is suitable for the proposed study. It is unfortunate that many students find it being challenging to identify a suitable research methodology. This chapter should cover aspects of research methodology such as research design, target population, research tools, sample, data collection and analysis tasks. They may also present the pilot study and test the reliability of the research instruments.

iv. Chapter four presents the findings of the study (FINDINGS AND DISCUSSION). The researcher may also discuss the findings of the study. They must ensure that all the items of the research objectives are addressed satisfactorily.

v. Lastly, there is chapter five which is the final chapter in a premium dissertation (SUMMARY, CONCLUSION AND RECOMMEDATIONS). It is in this chapter where the student summarizes what they found out after conducting the study. They may also summarize the entire research and draw conclusions from their experience. They make recommendations depending on the gaps which they found as they conducted the study. The student may suggest topics for further research. It is important to cite all the sources of information that a student uses in the dissertation. Presenting another person’s work amounts to plagiarism or rather academic dishonestly. This is wrong and highly discouraged in institutions of higher learning. The student may reference the sources of information through various citation styles depending on the university policy. Anything else that the student wishes to notify the supervisor in regard to the dissertation may be included in the appendix, shortly after the reference list. The appendix may contain a research permit and a questionnaire.

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